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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Abortion / Miscarriage

An abortion or a miscarriage are both a result of heavy sin, that equalizes murder, because harm is inflicted upon another human's soul with death as its consequence. Below more explantion and illustraton regarding both cases of miscarriage and abortion. 

A miscarriage is almost the same as an abortion even though they sound conflicting. However, they are both out of harmony with Love from God's Perspective therefore in sin. 'But with a miscarriage, don't I want a child?' We forget that everything falls within the Law of Attraction, including miscarriages. The unborn child with it's incarnated has not yet developed to distinguish incoming emotions, to which it is fully receptive, and can no longer tolerate the overwhelming emotions of neediness of the currently carrying mother (and father) and releases itself from life.

The unborn child not only receives all the emotions from the mother, but also the emotions from the father that the mother is sensitive to during pregnancy. In any case, the child's rejection is a result of the emotions of both parents, which can vary in nature. That is why we often can observe a dynamic that leads to separation between parents who were in a relationship during the pregnancy, because blame is projected on each other, but also the feeling of guilt within that projection also becomes unbearable to sustain the relationship. However, breaking up is not the solution as walking away only brings both further away from feeling emotions that need to be dealt with for healing.

In the event of a miscarriage, the predominant emotion is among the parents, especially the woman because in this period on earth de woman is more invested in having a child, is; 'It's not my fault' next to 'I have the right to have a child for me.' and 'Don't tell me my miscarriage has anything to do with me, it must have something to do with something other than me.'

What we often observe in within family constellations is that the child wants to belong to the family after a miscarriage but is excluded. In addition, when the parents go through a successful pregnancy with a new child, the child from the miscarriage will identify with the new child from the spirit world and influence it. The new child whom lives on earth becomes confused and degrades his/her soul state as long as the parents continue to deny their emotions.

With an abortion, other additional emotions play a role in which no responsibility has been taken for the sexual act, which in itself always offers a chance of conception, unless it is stopped with unnatural contraceptives, which in itself also falls under sinfull behaviour. Also during a forced/coercive conception the Law of Attraction is in effect.
The general attitude towards an abortion is; "It is my right to end this life for my own selfish purposes" and "I have the right to end your life." In addition, the mentality on earth supports this, the world says; "Then you go and have an abortion if you want." or 'You are the boss of your own body.' As if the developing child during pregnancy is still part of the woman's own body instead from God's Perspective, this is not the case. It is a dark emotional state of being and can be compared to someone who consciously commits a murder for personal reasons such as in the army for instance.

What we often observe 
within family constellations is that when a woman commits an abortion she aborts not only a part of her soul leaving an opening but also the relationship with the man with whom she had the child, the relationship ends. The mother of the aborted child feels a tremendous amount of guilt, so much she doesn't feel that she deserves life and wants to follow her child into death such as with suicide. The men too have a responsibility and often fearfull of the woman which detunes them even more from the situation in sin with all its consequences.

For both cases including unnatural methods of conception such as; surrogacy or IVF in which the incarnated souls die in the process or are even frozen, different emotions are causal and not just one specific emotion because our soul carries all kinds of other individual damage from the Damaged Self.
Many who read this will feel this as a judgment and will become angry about it, but your anger reveals where your emotional addiction lies and can therefore best serve as your guide rather than as a projection in anger towards a sister or brother sharing God's Word.

In the end it comes down to that both the soul of a miscarried child as the soul of an aborted child should be seen as one of the children within a family system next to that both parents and doctors involved need to take responsibility for their actions. Often they are 'forgotten' because of emotional surpression and denial. If this is not recognized, the emotional weight of such an event weighs the soul towards degradation with all the generational consequences this entails for all family members involved. We must recognize this and acknowledge the existence of our 'no longer earthly children' in the order of moment of incarnation.

In both cases, the children who are no longer on earth need guidance in the spirit world and this can only occur when they can disconnect from the pull, from the surpressed emotions of their parents, to earth.

If you (and your partner) have experienced one or both (or are even considering an abortion) and feel stuck in the emotional proces of feeling, recognizing and acknowledging sin, please reach out to schedule a session for guidance within God's Love and Truth. Prayer however is the best way to go in direct communication with God.

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