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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


Seek God's Truth on every issue.

Prayer is the exercise of desire that is sincere and without intellect. By praying, a physical part of the Soul opens up to receive. You can see it as a kind of tunnel from our soul to God and back to our Soul.

*Praying is not the same as meditating. Meditation focuses on getting away from the effect without asdressing the cause next to the focus on as in: 'I am God'. Prayer focuses specifically on your relationship with God as in 'I am a child of God'. You can meditate as long as it is not an escape from yourself and your emotions so you can feel 'good'. It is al about your intentions and getting away from yourself does not bring you closer to God.

Prayer is the key to the soul to receive what you could not receive before, because you kept pushing God away, not allowing Him and denying Her, or simply by not understanding Prayer in itself. Prayer and emotions travel instantaneously and without any delay. The emotion that is felt is heard by God and God wants you to feel your own emotions before he responds to them.

In general, God will not respond to an emotion that is locked inside you and not felt by you. The reason for this is; if you are not aware of a problem within yourself, how can you be able to receive something that you are not aware of or that is not in resonance? God wants you to understand what you are causing. Prayer is a way to discover what you are in denial about, allowing you to go beyond your Façade Self and get into the real things.

How do I talk (Pray) to God?
You pray with your emotions, so you direct your emotions towards God. You can Pray throughout the day or choose a specific moment for it, as long as you have the desire to have a relationship with God by truly wanting to talk to God, the entity and not god in the shape of the universe or shape of multiple god’s or even in the shape of yourself which new age tricks us to believe. You can do this out loud or in thought, and whether or not you believe in God yet. To be fully present, leave your eyes open during prayer to testify of your prayer but if you feel to close them that is offcourse fully up to you.

Step 1: Focus on a desire to Pray and feel what you want to talk about with all seriousness and sincerity. Be honest about your intentions. When you are honest about this it directly reveals if your intentions are in harmony with Love or if they are in sin. In the case of sin God will not respond untill your desires are in harmony with Love.
Step 2: Greet God from the depths of your heart and welcome a conversation as you would initiate with anyone else. Also be interested in how God is feeling.
Step 3: Tell God what you are grateful for. This can vary for anything you can think/feel of ranging from your past, present and future, material and non material matters.
Step 4: Ask God to show you in what area you have not yet developed the desire to grow in Love and ask why that is the case at this time. Ask for help in being open to growth in His Love. If you are angry with God, express that too in your emotions. God is willing to listen to every emotion you have and give you answers. Ask God in your Prayer for Him to share His wisdom with you about any topic at heart's desire at that moment.
Step 5: Feel God's Love flow in you and be open to His answers, even if you don't like them at first or even find them confrontational and might even enrage you in anger. You will notice that below this anger there is fear and most of all sadness that wants to be felt. Don't run away in to a distraction, allow it and remain open in your heart to receiving Gods Truths. Feel them through.
Step 6: Close your prayer with and in gratitude. Thank God for the conversation and the experience, close your Prayer in Love, this can also be done with the closing word 'Amen'.

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