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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Emotional Incest

Emotional Incest is something that parents/educators (grandfather, grandmother or even schoolteachers) should be careful of, because it causes damage to the child who is shaped/groomed in a role of feeding the emotional addictions, which the parent/carer does not get within the partner relationship. In emotional incest, the child is given an emotional role by the partner. Often of the opposite sex, so mother with son and father with daughter. What the parent does not get emotionally from the other partner, the parent will want to get from the child, often of the same gender as the partner.

Emotional incest = projecting damaged feelings and emotional demands intended for the partner onto the child, putting the child in the partner's place. The child is groomed in feeding the emotional addictions that the parent does not get within the partner relationship. The child becomes a surrogate for what is missing in the partner relationship.

Children are completely unaware of this because they are trained to believe it is a good thing and grow up thinking that what they give to their parents is in harmony with Love, which is not the case. The Law of Attraction exposes this. In addition, this opens the child up to sexual abuse.

You can recognize emotional incest in how angry the parent becomes when the child develops a partner relationship and gets a boyfriend or girlfriend. Anger shows where you have an emotional addiction and when the addiction is no longer fed, this results in a confrontation with the addiction in anger. In the case of the child's new relationship; there is a confrontation of what this new relationship will do against what the parent emotionally demands of the child.

Today, emotional incest is seen as something normal, where the parent idolizes the child and the partner takes second place. Just look at giving away the daughter during her wedding, for example, it is embedded in man-made traditions. There are many relationship dynamics that involve emotional incest.

If you truly desire the other half relationship within your relationship with God, these types of projections must stop because it harms both the child, yourself and your other half in sin.


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