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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Emotional Addictions

Living in bondage are actually all of our emotional addictions, physical 'visible' addictions such as eating, sugarintake, drinking coffee/tea, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and drug/medicine use, but also the 'invisible' physical addictions without ingesting substances such as; anything that is entertainment, smartphone, watching TV, gaming, masturbation, sports, porn, reading, travelling, fashion, make-up or other physical activities, also the use of swearing falls under addictions. These are all actions that arise from the avoidance of one or more emotions from the Damaged Self and give us the feeling that we are loved. It is a false surrogate for Love. In fact we are addicted to our Façade Self.

These different addictions also have different effects on the judgment of society. One addiction carries more judgment than the other, while they all fall out of harmony of Love so in sin. The acceptance of society is because society itself is largely entangled in these addictions and even start companies that maintain all of these addictions. Religions, for example, create rules based on fear of the various addictions, in which the frustration of the underlying emotion is only more suppressed and your free will is affected.

The creation of an addiction lies in the suppression of emotions such as fear, sadness or anger. In order to be able to look at these suppressed emotions, a desire is needed that counteracts the desire for suppression, resistance, denial and replacement of these emotions.

An addiction is a powerful tool to avoid certain emotions. That is why many processing approaches such as therapies do not work because they work around the addictions and do not address the true causal emotion. Unless you have a sincere desire to face your addictions.
Spirits from the spirit world also hook-in into these avoided emotions, influence you in them and thereby strengthen your dependency to your addictions so that they can continue to experience them too through your physical body.

Addiction = Desire which is out of harmony with Love and therefore a sin.
Emotional addictions
= Getting emotional addictions met through the requirements we put on someone else. There is an abuser and 'supplier. Physical addictions without substances = Getting emotional addictions met without physical intake of substances, that seem to make the underlying emotion beloning to the addicties to dissapear. No or less judgment  from society.
Physical addictions with substance = Getting emotions addictions met with substances that seem to make the underlying emotion beloning to the addiction to dissapear. Society has more judgement about them. 

Anger as your guide
Your anger or irritation clearly reveals where your addictions lie. Every time you get angry or irritated and you have a desire to grow in God's Love, you can ask yourself the question. 'What am I not getting that I think I am entitled to?'

Example of emotional addiction: You want to hear from your partner and see that he/she finds you beautiful, but he/she don't say it to you.
Outcome: You are angry with your partner because he/she does not say/do what you want.

Example of physical addiction without a substance: You want to watch your favorite series, but the physical object you need for that (TV, tablet, laptop) is broken.
Outcome: You are angry because you can't watch what you want to watch now.

Example of physical addiction with a substance: You want your morning coffee, but you have run out of coffee and at that moment you cannot get coffee elsewhere.
Outcome: You are angry because you don't have what you want when you want it.

Not only anger is your guide but also sadness and fear guide you towards feeling your emotions. What do you do to avoid your grief and/or fear? 

When you learn to recognize these different types of addictions by accepting the Truth about them, by longing to experience what happens in your emotions and body when you leave out a specific activity or action for a while, you will see where you can grow in God's Love with a greater chance of being able to completely get rid of those addictions. Next to that you will be able to recognize it in others aswell in order to be an example to our brothers and sisters in not feeding their addictions anymore. 

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