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You can find many (basic) questions about family constellations on the Internet. On this page I want to limit it to God centered constellations Christed Constellations. If you have a question that is not listed, you can send a message via contact.

Do I have to be a Christian or believe in God to participate?
No, you do not have to be Christian or believe in God to participate or even have another certain earthly religion. As long as you are open and willing in desire to receive Love and Truth from God.

Do I have to be physically baptized to be Christed?
No, you do not have to be physically baptized. To be Christed, there is an awareness of God in your soul, made visible through trusting in Jesus/Yeshua, known from the Bible. Baptism is a symbolic physical act to personally celebrate that you are reborn, have a renewed condition in desire for Truth and have repented for your actions that were out of harmony of God's Love. So, baptism is only in harmonie with Love when you truly become aware of God's Love. 

How do I know if I am Christed?
Only God and you know what the status of your soul is and whether you are in full surrender. You could describe it as a revelation that you have experienced and it has changed your life for the better in reflection of Truth. Your conscience is now 'on' in your desire God's Truth .

Constellations are confrontational, can I handle that?
When the Law of Attraction brings constellation work your way, you can assume that you can handle the confrontation. Avoiding something has nothing to do with whether or not you can handle something, but has to do with whether or not you have a desire to become one with God and want to feel your emotions.

Can I come to you for a regular session of family constellations?
No that is not possible. We only offer God centered family constellations through Christed Constellations in honour of God's Love and Truth for those who have a true longing for God in desire of building a relationship with God in Humility with the goal of becoming one with God and your other half. Next to that our conscience would not allow diverting from that purpose. 

Am I ready for change?
Your soul is always ready for growth towards God. God is waiting for you and looking forward to you reaching out. Not wanting to be ready for something is an excuse to stay in the emotional addiction of not wanting to feel or change something. You then Love your sins more than you Love God.

Is there aftercare after a session?
No, there is no aftercare after you have had a session. All emotions that reveal themselves afterwards belong to you, just like before the session, for which you must take responsibility. Of course you can always contact us afterwards, but we cannot guarantee that we will get back to you in prevention of facilitating any emotions of neediness or dependency.

Why should I believe you?
You certainly do not have to believe us or anything mentioned on our webpage. Everything you find within or without our medium you need to investigate yourself through experimentation if it resonates within God's Truth and Love preferebly in a desirefull conversation with God, in Prayer

What do you do with my details?
We have no interest in storing your data and will never provide it to a third party unless it contains abusive content. However, when you send us a message, this is entirely at your own digital risk. We also do not send newsletters.

May I share information mentioned on this medium? 
You are welcome to use and share any of the information you find on our medium in Humility. It gives us joy when God's Love and Truth is shared. 

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