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Physical Workshop

Get to know Christed Constellations in an informal but powerfull way through a physical workshop. This is a powerfull way to experience feeling emotions and have a better understanding of them in Humility. Everyone receives the opportunity to experience family constellations in connection with God in relation to feeling the emotions within your soul. Furthermore, as time allows, there is room for those who are willing to raise a personal issue, each taking full responsibility for themselves.

To invite us for a physical workshop, you can contact us via the contact with the following information:

- number of participants (minimum 6)
- half day/full day (half day 08:30-12:00 or full day 08:30-16:00)
- theme (if known or needed)
- location (from July 2024 worldwide, untill then NL and several area's in DE and DK)  

Language: English or Dutch

When inviting for a workshop, each participant agrees to take full responsibility for what is revealed in the omniscient field, whereby no one else can be held liable for the emotions that are revealed in you.

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