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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


We feel the most important thing is that you have a true longing to build a relationship with God. You do not need us for that. Sometimes we may not (yet) speak each other's language, but you still have the desire for God's Love and need a little assistance.

On this page you can soon find other guides and their contact details whom gift in God's Truth and Love worldwide.

For Guides
Are you a Guide of God's Truth and Love and would you like to be found on this page? Please send us a message using our contact page with your guide details how others can reach you and your motivation in answer of the following two questions;

1. How do you experience God, the entity? Share with us about your enlightenment of the Holy Spirit entering your soul and how it has changed you..
2. How does your guidance assist our brothers and sisters to build a relationship with God, the entity?
3. What are your intentions?

When sending us your request you automatically permit us to feel into your intentions and soul state as far as we are able to within our own development. When we decide not to place your request we, only if you wish, provide you with reason.

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