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God's Love

The conception of the meaning of Love that we as a world have given it, in our disorientation, is actually better defined as selfishness, 'I love you, BUT...' We think we are entitled to Love and go so far as to we make demands at Love and with that at the other. With this we are out of harmony with Love how God intends Love to be. Not only because we violate the free will of others, but also because we attach expectations to what we think we are entitled to. Love is not a negotiation and is also not negotioable. When you think Love hurts, than it was not Love that you felt, because God('s Love) never hurts.

'God's Love = fully free of sin therefore an emotion in complete harmony with God's Laws. It is the ultimate and only reality and only comes to justice in combination with Truth. In the highest Truth, Love is all there is and needs to be in motion to be functional, it needs to flow. Love comes from the heart. Love from the mind shows no movement from the heart as the head holds Love at an intellectual level in philosophy. Ultimately, philosophy has no value if you cannot act in Love, then you are simply not loving. You may think that you are, but in fact Love only shows itself in actions, in movement.'

In addition, Love is a gift and a gift is free from expectations, needs or requirements. Or do you only give a gift to someone when you know you will get something in return? What is Love worth when you attach an expectation to it? Nothing at all... Love then becomes a means of exchange disguised as what you think Love is. Because you lack the perfection of Love, you end up with sin(s) in your action(s). This degrades your soul part and that of your other half (even if he/she is not (yet) in your life) and everyone else involved in your actions.

Everything that falls outside the perfection of Love is considered a sin by God. Love as God intends it automatically looks infinite steps ahead to foresee the possible consequences of sin. Not only for yourself but also with due regard for your environment, in the service of the greater whole, the omniscient field in its creation. Love according to God is never; justice, painfull, sacrificie nor demanding. The world view is that they are all of those things. 

That means Love is letting go of beliefs you are attached to in order to allow Love to flow, so that it can truly flow into the soul and be felt as God intended. This grows our relationship with God.

By researching and experimenting we can discover the true definition of Love and thus (better) understand the true meaning of Love for ourselves but also for our environment. Love and selflove according to the world is a great misconception and brings our soul to a state of degradation instead of a state of growth. In this we should mainly recognize that Love and Truth are the antidote to 'evil'.

All in all, in order to actually feel Love from our soul, we must act in every situation, no matter how challenging it feels, in the highest Truth from God's Perspective. Let us walk back into Love instead of away from it.

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