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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

God's Laws 

God created Laws that govern his children and her universe. When one or more of these Laws are broken, we sin. A sin is nothing more than missing the goal of perfection in Love. The Law of Attraction tries to make you aware of each of these sins. The Law of Compensation sets it in motion; You reap what you sow.

God's Laws measure when you have done something outside the harmony of Love (sin). Associated mathematics decides the type of effect the sin will have because the sin itself has an emotional energetic signature. God's Laws recognize these energies and attempt to reverse them through the Law of Attraction. It is a unique process and therefore it is also a unique personal process we have to go through.

Below are the most important 3 Laws of God that apply within (family) systems from traditional family constellations translated to Gods Laws. A (family) constellation automatically exposes the specific laws. The 3 universal Laws that are leading in every system with an eye on Christed Constellations are;

Traditional constellations: 
Everyone has an equal right to a place in the system.
Christed Constellations constellations: God loves each of His children equally without any exception. Every creation of God is a part of the greater picture in connection with eachother as brothers and sisters. With that every atom has a right to be.

Traditional constellations: Every system has a hierarchy.
Christed Constellations constellations: God controls the universal Laws according to, among other things, the Law of Attraction. One Law carries more weight than the other, but they are all in force at all times without exceptions. Within a (family) system the right of the first one in applies for order principles. However, God views us without hierarchy in equality with eachother where Love and Truth decide the true hierarchy where the relationship with 
our other half takes the highest place after our relationship with God. 

Traditional constellations: E
very system seeks a balance between give and take.
Christed Constellations constellations: God gives Love in exchange for your willingness to build a relationship with Him with the desire to want to recognize your own sins and wanting remove the cause of them from your soul. God does not expect and is not in a codependent relationship with you. Gift Love without expectation and receive without a need for providing a return which is something else than Love, is where the true balance in the misconception of balance reveals itself. Guilt is not always your guide as it can come forth from your Damaged Self.

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