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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

(Hell) Spheres

God's creation does have different layers of spheres, spheres that show where you are in the development of Love. From the 8th sphere you are one with God. You are also in the state of your True Self when God developed you, just before incarnation.
From incarnation, the influences begin where you are receptive in your sensitivity and degrade your soul by the unloving actions of your parents.
In the womb, your earthly mother passes on to you what she receives in sin from her environment and also for what she is open to receiving from your earthly father.
Please note: Often the earthly parents act outside the perfection of Love, in sin out of their own ignorance because they have not learned from their parents what real loving actions are and about Love itself. So always continue to look at your parents with Love and forgiveness and with repentance towards yourself for your actions in sin in result of your free will, even if those were in omission.

Meanwhile, your soul state has been degraded in Love, including degraded in spheres, in those first seven years of your life. You then have entered the lower dimensions of the first sphere, the hell sphere(s). To overcome this you have to overcome yourself and feel emotions that you would actually rather avoid. That is the only way to grow in Love, including in spheres, so that you can at least return to your incarnation starting point, the 6th sphere. However, the spheres are infinite as you can grow infinitely in Love. From the 22nd sphere you become one again with your soulmate in sexual unity from which you were split for incarnation in a physical and spiritual body through the act of your earthly parents. God is however the real parent of (y)our soul (half).

Paradise or hell on earth
The devil as an entity itself doesn't exist. It would not be loving of God to develop one. However, God has given us out of His unconditional Love within the Law of Compensention, the Law of Cause and Effect; the Law of Free Will and this is where the 'devil' is created. 

So, we create hell ourselves, just as we (can) create paradise ourselves. By listening and acting upon the influences of souls from lower (hell)spheres, whom both reside on earth as in the spirit world, we give them power through our own fears and this is where the 'devil' comes from. A human creation in the form of these souls having a leader in the form of the entity 'devil'.
The great thing is that when we no longer support unloving actions, their power also evaporates, including the influence of the souls from lower spheres. The real change starts with yourself by feeling avoided emotions from a true desire for a relationship with God.

You come out of the first (hell)sphere(s) and into the second when you no longer struggle to tell the Truth. Our soul therefore reflects how far we are in the development of Love and that reflection is mirrored to and by the world and thus shows in which sphere you move. So, we do not go to or heaven or hell but we actually continue where we left on earth only now without a physical body which makes it more of a challenge to feel.

The more you develop in Love according to God's Law's, the more your environment will show you a paradise that may not yet be visible to others. This is possible both on earth and in the spirit world, as our soul lives on in the afterlife. Just as the spheres move into infinity, so you too can grow in Love into infinity. 

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