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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


The soul can be in multiple places at the same time, but because we have been so conditioned by our family system, government system, education system, etc., we have become out of harmony with God's Truth and God's Love and our soul consciousness has become disoriented with indoctrination from our surroundings.

Through Christed Constellations the true nature of the soul​, with its connected soulopenings, becomes visible without this disorientation, possibly with one or more representatives. A representative is able to represent because the soul is all-knowing and connected to the greater consciousness. This allows you, when you represent, to feel the soul of the person you have accepted to channel at that moment. These can also be deceased loved ones, as the soul continues to live without the physical body after death. Furthermore, you can represent an element, an emotion or even an animal or plant, in fact anything that consists of an atom in the universe, just what is needed to answer the soul question, in harmony of Love, of the contributor in a constant connection with God.

Representing is simply a form of mediumship and anyone can do it. At its core you could 'represent' the whole day through; it is actually having empathy (being able to feel into another persons emotions) without losing yourself and in harmony with God's Truth and Love. 

In the case of a deceased person, it is important to be aware of the state and sphere they are in within their own development in God's Love, because this entails great responsibility. However, the focus within the Christed Constellations is on the Love part of the individuals soul to be represented. Representation of the damaged part requires the consent of the individual concerned to respect the gift of Free Will as it then turns into a different type of session of mediumship.

Just like on earth, we can grow in Love in the spirit world, remain constant or even degrade (further) and can find ourselves in the spheres of 'hell', as we largely find ourselves on earth. 

We always show our brothers and sisters the way to a lighter being to connect with that can guide them further if we are unable to assist them further and do not lend our representation to enrich our own emotional addictions or sins and we use the work of constellations only for the sake of growth in Love for God, our creator, our source of our consciousness and of our existence.

The moment we really feel our causal emotion, the corresponding soul opening closes and is therefore free from influences from within yourself or outside. The sabotage from also spirits no longer affect you in that specific area as you in that moment realise you can no longer be loyal to them but only towards God feeling God's Love. We can experience this during a constellation. Christed Constellations are an excellent way to make us aware of which multigenerational sins in addition to our own sins prevent us from experiencing God's Love and living according to God's Truth.

However God's Truth and Love are always accessible also without Christed Constellations, as long as there is a true desire for Gods Love; simply through


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