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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


When we are truly humble our pride does not serve us longer. We fully rely and trust in God's Laws. It is being open to create space for your soul to experience all your emotions. You are then open to different beliefs and when there is Truth the communication pipe to God and with God is open for exchange. A human that is truly humble does not live in their Façade Self. It is the cause of being born again such as felt in the Christed experience.

Being humble = Being open to experience all of your own emotions without;

- blaming someone else,
- controlling someone else,
- dominating someone else,
- requesting anything from someone else, and
- having an opinion/judgment of ourselves.

Humility = Be willing to feel every single thing in and around us and act in accordingling in harmony with God's Love. The passionate desire to feel and experience all of your own emotions whether they are pleasurable or painful, without blaming or tempting to manipulate or control our environment in any way. Most essential quality to develop in our relationship with God. A longing to experience your own emotions to see ourselves as God sees us.

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