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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Online Individual Session

In an individual session you create a space for you to work on which denied feelings currently limit you in the growth of and towards God's Love. However, we rather guide you towards turning to God through Prayer as God always provides you the purest Truth.

You can work on any problem that is currently blocking you in a relationship with God and recognizing your sins. As long as your desire is in harmony with God's Love, it will only provide liberation, no matter how ragefull, anxious or sad it makes you. It may be that the reality that reveals itself within the constellation is different from the reality known to you so far. Which you have been willingly blind to until now.

Scheduling a session
When you have made it clear to yourself what you would like to explore in your soul system, what you have encountered, make sure to clarify your question aimed at growth in God's Love and share it in the message field upon scheduling.
*We keep Central European standard times; Amsterdam, The Netherlands (GMT+1)

Themes I have an high interest in and the most affinity with are;

Your own different theme is of course welcome.

When you schedule a session, you agree to take full responsibility for that what emerges in our conversation or constellation and what the knowing field reveals in the manifestation of your soul's Truth, for which no one can be held liable for your revealed emotions and feelings. We schedule a maximum of 45 minutes, depending on what is needed it can be shorter.

Individual Session

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