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Every person is authentic, although we all want the same thing in our earthly life; Love, Truth and our other half next to; *to help one, *success, *good health and *happiness, all according to God's Perspective and not our own. God has established these elements in our soul with associated Laws that support these established elements within our soul.

When we do not recognize these Laws, we go through life blindly in the hope of winning 'the big prize' by chance. The irony is that there are Laws that could do just that, win that prize, when we apply these Laws of God's Love. But because we do not recognize these Laws, we constantly violate them and we constantly go against our first great façade desire in life; wanting to be loved instead of our True first great desire and destiny; wanting to BE Love. Your soul is more valuable than any other treasure, why would you stop looking for it?

We violate God's Laws by going against Love and Truth in sin with pride that blocks success and happiness but most of all our other half and God. By doing so we also harm our health and abuse our bodies. Why do we fail to maintain this true wealth of health before sickness has to reveal itself? Because we do not yet recognize God's Laws, despite them being predetermined in our soul, in our heart.

In the absence of Truth, we violate our feelings, our soul and trust our thoughts more than Real Self. With thoughts like; 'I can be happy if ... and when we meet our potentially other half we consider if our demandlist can be marked off without realising that our soul has been degraded with time and that we too are not who we used to be.

When our demands and expectations continue to increase, it means that your willingness to give without expectations which is true Love how God intends it to be, has automatically decreased. How can such an exchange last or even start within God's Love? That's why feel loneliness without or within a relationship.

At that moment you focus on something else and that is the step away from God's Love, away from God's Truth and therefore away from success, away from health, away from being able to help, away from happiness, away from our other half (which is in fact yourself), but most important of all, away from God.

*to help one: To assist someone in realizing his/her sins in harmony with Love. Being an example.
*good health: The soul free from soul openings where mental illness and physical illness do not express themselves in the physical body or spiritual body. Perfection of the soul as God created us and intends us to be..
*success: Receiving God's Love by acting upon God's Truth. Recognizing sins and immediately correcting yourself in Humility. 
*happiness: Living in and according to God's Truth. To be Love without having to try and coming from a personal relationship with God.

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