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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

(Sexual) Projection

Projection of emotions happens throughout the day and are either in harmony with Love or in disharmony with Love. When we project in harmony with Love we are at the same time an example to others. The moment we project into disharmony, we not only damage ourselves but also our environment. We must be aware of what we transmit without words as we are constantly all connected.

It may also be that things are being projected onto you, in which case the
Law of Attraction is at work and God wants to show you where you still have unhealed and unfelt emotions that limit you from growing in Love.
We also receive projections from the spirit world from our own emotional soul openings of the Damaged Self from hooked-in spirits. These spirits can be family members or non-related souls of our brothers and sisters with the same unhealed and unfelt emotions as you and want to continue these through you. 

Any emotion can be projected or we can have it projected onto us. Sometimes someone has anger inside them and you experience that they are angry (at you). Sometimes you are angry yourself (unnoticed) and the person around you senses that you are angry. It is then up to both of them whether this emotion is maintained at that moment by responding in harmony with Love or not. However the vast majority on earth is not yet aware of this. When we come into contact with God we can make ourselves aware of these projections we put onto others.

This is what Jesus meant with: Matthew 5:28 
28 'But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.'

We think that looking or even the thought is not harmful however we need to be aware of our intentions therefore projections.

Projection = Reflecting the emotions that are out of harmony with God's Laws on someone other than yourself.
Sexual projection = The energy of sexual feelings towards other people. Any kind of projection given to another person (male or female) that is intended to make that other person feel sexually secure, safe, worthy or desired.

This kind of projection is an example of sexual projection. Sometimes you can realize this and sometimes not as described above however it is important for you to become aware of it in order for it to change. Sexual projection involves the energy of sexual feelings towards others. This form of projection given to another person (male or female) is intended to make that other person feel sexually secure, safe, worthy, or desired. It's about the person who receives it.
The motivation of the person giving it is often more than just sexual and has mostly to do with power, control, fear and not just sexual emotions.

Many people have learned at a young age to use sexual projection to manipulate people who have power over them in order to feel somehow safe. Sexual projection is linked to safety/security, personal well-being or physical protection. It is a soul-based exchange, even when no words or physical contact is exchanged.

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