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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Session & Events

Christed Contellations is for anyone who wants to build a relationship with God and take full responsibility for themselves in physical body, spirit body and soul. It is a way to get to emotions and (re)feel them where you have been blocked, We can use a family constellation set up or just simply have a conversation that reveals what is hidden.

Do you recognize this desire in yourself?
Then I would be happy to assist you further in the realisation of the existence God's Love

Do you not (yet) recognize this desire in yourself?
Then I would like to meet you when you have the desire or see guides for other types of assistance in God's Love.  

In our session we interact with each other in God's Perspective of Love. As we gift our time unloving actions on offense will not be tolerated. In such a case the session will be stopped and we can then pick up a retry at a later time depending on the growth in God's Love.

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