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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Sleep State

We sleep at night and do nothing more than simply process our emotions is it not? Yes and no.
There are two types of states during our night's sleep that we should be aware of. Sleeping itself gives the physical body the opportunity to recover with associated physiological processes and the spiritual body processes daily events.

Dream state
Here we process our unhealed emotions, things from everyday life, as we already largely know. During our dreams we have the opportunity to process emotions or send ourselves a message to look at and feel about in our awake state.

Sleep state
The soul leaves the physical body but remains connected by the silver cord. When the silver cord is cut, the physical body has died. The moment our soul leaves our body it is free of façade, your mask in daily life. Your True Self acts in reflection of the state of Love you are in in the spirit world. So it shows how far you have developed in God's Love.

It is up to us to distinguish between these two different types of sleep states in order to actually grow in God's Love. What do we want to tell ourselves, what actions do we perform in our sleeping state in sin and how can we restore the disharmony of Love for the growth of our soul instead of degradation of our soul?


Lucid dreaming, the dreams in which we are aware of what we are doing, is an example of the sleep state. The interactions with other souls/spirits also indicate where you are acting out or in harmony with Love. Keep in mind that also in this state you are able to damage others and your own soul even if you do not recognize it as reality such as in the awake state of being.

'The sleep state has no socialized restrictions or boundaries of behaviour. 'What you would get away with on earth, you will get away with in the spirit world and what you will not get away with on earth, you will definitely get away with in the spirit world. Emotional injuries will be acted out whenever we are unrestricted.'

Experiment with this and investigate what emotion(s) you feel as soon as you wake up and what you do to avoid them (such as drinking hot drinks mainly coffee, high carb breakfast (subars), distracting yourself with the hustle and bustle of the day etc.) and you will be amazed by your findings. The soul never sleeps.

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