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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


Christed Contellations are (family) constellations different from the traditional form that many are familiar with nowadays. These constellations are in harmony with God's Love in which God takes in the central position and reveals the subconscious in order to discover the other side of our known untill now reality. Constellations in general are; affirming, recognizable, confrontational and healing.

When one or more of God's Laws are not observed, the relationships in a system become distorted out of harmony with Love (in sin), an entanglement. We may even be entangled in the sins of our previous generation(s); multigenerational sins.

Insight can be provided through an arrangement or spatial placement of elements required for a question. A question based on a desire for God's Love. Using objects or living representatives with God's Laws as a central starting point provides balance to restore itself to allow God's Love and Truth to flow in Humility.

                                                              'When everything is gone and you remain completely blank
                                                 without any attachments, you can reach your deeper being and experience
                                            what it is; to really feel your feelings without your thoughts having a hand in them.'

Discover where you stand
Family constellations are about your position within the family or any system and show you how the behavioral influences of previous generations now influence you in daily life. Sometimes confrontational, but never more than you can handle. Not being able to handle something is simply saying that you don't want to feel certain connected emotions yet.

Follow your Heart's Desire
With the help of volunteer representatives or elements, the invisible is brought into focus. This immediately gives peace in resonance to the physical body, mind and soul.

Stop talking, let your emotions guide you.
We are used to speaking out verbally instead of being silent and feeling what is happening to our physical body, spiritual body and soul. With surrendering to these feelings comes great salvation. God will guide you.

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