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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


To our brother or sister in God,


With our Love, we want to gift you among other things the beauty of God centered family constellations according to God's Truth in order to reveal your hidden (family) dynamics that prevent your perfection of Love, to be able to feel again and let God's Love flow. However je do not need us or any types of method such as this one to be able to grow in Love as God's Truth and Love is always accessibel through Prayer as long as you longins for God are in harmony with this Love. 


This form of family constellations has been developed for anyone who has trouble getting into feeling emotions, has a will for a relationship with God, and willing to feel and take personal responsibility for the (multi-generational) sins that you have made into 'normal' and prevent you from becoming one with God. Next to Christed Constellations we share our insights in how we experience God and how you can live more conscious in God via the different topics touched in our Talks


Sharing the Love for offering and facilitating Christed Constellations, both individually and in groups, is available free of charge in addition to all other information on our medium.

Christed Constellations is not a religion or a charity. God does not require religion in order to build a relationship. 
Furthermore Christed Constellations does not have any social media other than mentioned on this webpage. Anyone that pretends to be Christed Constellations or progressinGod on a different platform than this is attempting imitation.

We wish everyone to build a relationship with God in Truth and Love.

In grace, your sister and brother in God,


Nadira and Anatol

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