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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Law of Attraction

It is the most powerful Law that actually constantly reveals everything and which we as humans also constantly want to deny; the Law of Attraction or the law of the mirror because it reflects where you can still grow for the sake of harmony with Love from God's perspective. Law of Attraction shows you that everything happening can always be reverted back to your own state of being.

Law of Attraction = Everything that comes to me is a result of my soul condition. An operation to provide you with an event in which you can grow in God's Love. This Law is most powerful when you do not feel your emotions. God created it to help the soul develop in Love. This law brings you these events to activate your avoided emotions. The greatest Law of Attraction is the attraction that brings the halves of the two soulmate together. It is the magnet that shows you how far you have come in growing in Love.

Why do we want to deny this Law?
We want to deny this Law because it allows us to stay away from our feelings linked to our Damaged Self, but also to stay away from our responsibilities in our conscience. The thought that we ourselves choose to commit or receive a rape, murder or miscarriage is unthinkable in the current created society, which unfairly makes the Law of Attraction a taboo. Unless it concerns the New Age Law of Attraction, which only brings rosy coloured false beliefs in the shape of money, success or happiness, and then we are more than willing to believe in it as soon as we can. On the contrary, we need to become aware that our emotional state has an effect on everyone around us.

Every time we try to justify ourselves by wanting to hold on to our emotional state and in particular maintain the Damaged Self, we are actually showing that we have the desire to continue to harm the other person or our surroundings. Everything, absolutely everything in the universe is influenced by the state of our soul.

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