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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


In the deception of self-love lies in its misconception. The moment we sacrifice ourselves for something that someone else wants from us, self-love falls out of harmony with God's Love and forms a sin. You then love your sins (yourself) more than God.  
This is because we do not respect the Law of Free Will towards ourselves and thereby harm ourselves and everyone else involved in this action.
 When we sacrifice ourselves we are actually showing a Façade Self from our Damaged Self.

Self-love is already within us, it is one of the core values ​​God has anchored in our soul. You can find this out very simply by presenting the following hypothesis to yourself:

'When I see a car approaching the exact point I want to cross the road, I keep walking.'

You naturally offcourse stop walking and wait until the car passes to avoid physical damage to your body, because after all, you love your body. Oh wait a minute, that is self-love!

Giving yourself something as a reward is often nothing less than harming yourself (and therefore your environment too) in the misconception of self-love, false self-love. We confuse ourselves and then wonder why we experience pain, not realizing that this pain comes from the Law of Compensation.

Sacrificing myself to love someone else is not loving towards myself or others. So making ourselves more than the other or less than the other are both unloving actions towards ourselves and our environment.

The trick to mastering how to apply God's Perspective of self-love, to prevent degrading your soul, is to first detach yourself from everything you've learned about self-love so far. You can do this, for example, by weighing every learned aspect of self-love by applying God's Truth filter through Prayer.

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