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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


God created our bodies in perfection. Sickness is a disharmony with God's Laws, it is the rejection of Truth through the surpression in resistance of one or more emotions as a result of lack of Love

When we experience physical pain due to 'illness' there is a desire to deny the underlying emotion. All pain is caused by the denial of something in fear or anger that prevents us from looking at what is grief/sadness as the core emotion. Disease (dis ease) is an effort of nature to free the system of conditions that have arised beceause of a violation (sin) of the Law of Health. In addition, in the human-described and invented diagnoses of (mental) diseases we find false beliefs of security and attachment that feeds our emotional addictions.

Your body is a feedback system to show you that you are out of harmony with Love and Truth. Every time you break a Law in Love with yourself you will experience the pain of breaking such a Law. Pain and illness are both a reminder that you are out of harmony of Love. Pain can be; short-term, long-term (chronic), direct, physical, spiritual, emotional or soul-based.

                                                     'Illness is a serious Conversation between God and man,' says Anastasia.
                                       'Through this pain, which is both yours and His at the Same time, He's letting you know
                                                         that you're living in some unacceptable way. Change the way you live,

                                                                             and the pain will pass, the illness will recede.' 

Not only does your body show where you are in/out of harmony with Love, it also shows you to what extent you are influenced by hooked-in souls (spirits) from the spirit world. They can create or strengthen the illness within you, which they have the belief of having the illness themselves, depending how open you are for influence. In children who are ill for example, there are often also souls from the spirit world that are hooked into the child, through the soul openings of the parents and then influence the child often without noticing what they are actually doing, thinking the body they obsess is that of their own. These are earthbound spirits. They see an opportunity, in the case of a sick child, to hook in through the damaged emotions of the parents. The child shows a reflection of all the damaged emotions of the parents. 

Mental illness
Mental illnesses with man-made diagnoses such as; schizophrenia, autism, eating disorders, depression, etc., despite science being able to demonstrate some of them in the cell structure, this being the passed down multigenerational sin, are often under the great influence of other spirits from the spirit world and previous generations, rather than just under the influence of our soul. This comes from the damaged emotions from our own soul. However, this does not mean that you can now blame the other hooked spirits for this and that you have no share in this, on the contrary, by creating openings you create space for them to influence your body and mind or those of your child(ren). With the following example below an illustration that is applicable to any Damaged Self or Façade Self.

An example about spirit influence during a panic attack

At its core, panic is about suppressed fear that you don't want to feel. Fear is a type of emotion that is stored or expressed by the soul. When you choose to store it in your soul it becomes a filter for the experiences you have but it also determines what you attract as a result of the Law of Attraction because God wants you to let go of this fear. God will try to trigger your fear.

All the Laws of the universe were developed by God so that you can free yourself from fear. So if you decide to store the fear in the Soul, all Laws come into play to help you let go of the fear. Anxiety attacks specifically are attacks from souls from the spirit world who are in low spheres and tap into your emotional openings from your soul. These openings are emotional addictions. So you want to hold on to the fear (even if you say not). The souls from the spirit world have that too. They want to hold on to the feeling of fear they had on earth and can continue to experience that through your body because you allow them to do so. After all, they no longer have a physical body. By not wanting to feel (yet), you not only do not help yourself, but you also do not help the hooked souls from the spirit world. In both cases you are in fact not in harmony with Love (towards yourself and others) and you commit, as it were, a sin that degrades the soul instead of allowing it to grow in Love.

How to close the soulopening:
When you find your emotional cause for the specific soul opening of the fear you have and feel about it, this opening will slowly recover and close. The souls from the soul world can then no longer respond to this. Like mentioned before, these can also be souls from the earth, our so-called friends, colleagues, family, who tap into your emotions and want to keep you in a certain state to fulfill their own emotional addictions.

So the next time you feel an anxiety attack coming, allow it by feeling it through completely instead of schutting it down as soon as possible. If necessary, write down all the emotions that come to mind and allow all physical expressions without bothering anyone else or trying to pull another into your Damaged or Façade Self. Surrender yourself completely and Pray to God. Ask God to support you and ask questions that arise based on the emotions you feel. You will get the answers as long as you have the desire from your true self in harmony with God's Love and Truth in Humility. When you are having panic, talk to the souls that are connected to your open emotions from those same lower spheres. Help them out by asking them to leave you alone and inform them that they are harming your body with what they do hooking into you. Point them to the lighter souls they can see around them, whom can teach them further if you lack the knowledge of God's Truth to do so.

The 'worst' thing that can happen to you is that your physical body dies on earth, but by knowing about the spirit world and connecting with it as long as it is in harmony with God's Love, you prevent degradation of the soul into sin for yourself and you. environment, both on earth and in the spirit world.

The irony is that when you realize the existence of the spirit world and your eternal existence, the fear will disappear. In the core you know this too, just feel it.

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