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The Soul

The soul gets needs the incarnation process to become aware of its existence and consists of; emotions, passions, desires, feelings, emotions, memories, character, ambitions, and intentions. It is a creation of God and is made up of two halves. Our other half is the other half of our complete soul. So it's not just anyone... Also does the soul have a conscience which is built of three receptors:

1. Receptor of God's Truth
2. Receptor of God's Love which is felt when God's Truth is experienced
3. Receptor of the existence of our other half.

These receptors are always 'on', but our denied emotions suppress and disrupt the receiving signal. Only when there is a true desire in true surrender in execution of God's Truth and Love in the recognition of our sins, does the signal become stronger again with the ultimate goal; it being completely without interrupting noises.

At the moment of incarnation we are sensitive to the emotions of our earthly mother, her environment and therefore those of our earthly father to which mother is sensitive. After birth, the father's emotions come to us directly instead of first via the mother. In addition to the emotions of our educators, we are also sensitive to the multigenerational sins that our parents and environment carry.​

                 'The true will of our soul, towards union with God and our other half, shapes the movement and growth of our soul.'

When these emotions projected onto us are out of harmony with God's Love, openingen/holes appear in our soul, soul openings. These openings reveal our Damaged Self.

Through these soul openings we are and remain influenceer by spirits from the spirit world as on earth and we continue to act upon them until we have closed them. We can only close our soul openings by feeling our causal emotions in repentance and forgiveness.

With a constellation you can discover these soul openings and even experience the soul closure. Christed Constellations are an excellent way to make us aware of which multigenerational sins in addition to our own sins prevent us from experiencing God's Love and living according to God's Truth. But they are not necessary when you want to connect with God through Prayer.

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