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Spirit world

The spirit world is the place where we all exist at all times, during our sleep state as well as after earthly passing where we leave behind our physical body and continue in the sphere our soul state reflects in God's Love

Spirit state when passing to the spirit world
The state your soul is in at the moment of passings decides where you will be in the spirit world. The sphere will resemble how far you have grown in God's Love on earth but without your physical body. Your physical body has then retaken its shape revealing its true soul state where your whole Façade Self has dissapeared for all around you to see, leaving your remained Damaged Self and True Self

Influences from the spirit world
As mentioned earlier, everything is connected and we as humans are connected to each other. While we as humans think we are God ourselves, we are actually all children of God. And with that comes the following; Because we share this connection, we are also sensitive to each other's influences when we have a soul opening in that specific emotion. All the emotions you suppress, provide an opening to souls who are also stuck in that same emotion and can even cause or amplify a sickness within you. These may be ancestors, but also spirits who have no direct bloodline with you, and souls who are still in the earthly realm like you. These influences are mostly malevolant and powerfull as they support you to act upon your sin.
Spirits/souls from the spirit world continiously try to sabotage you when you are not loyal to them and don't do what they want you to do for them. Influencing someone is an unloving act coming from the spirit world or on earth. It is an act of sin because you are trying to influence someone into doing what you want them to do in order to enrich themselves.

In addition to specific emotions, spirits from the spirit world can also project their (religious) beliefs and even talents through overcloaking and influencing. Which sometimes even fools us to believe we are reincarnated what in reality is a hooked in soul which we then give a stage to perform through our physical and spirit body. All this only comes about for what you are emotionally open to and if it regards seemingly more 'positive' influences in all comes down to how humble you are to God's Love. Eventually you need to feel and reflect what makes you so receptive voor the attachment you have with souls from lower sphers, whom you allow to influence you physically and emotionally. So focus on what causes them to come to you for them to affect you instead of focussing on them themselves.

When you want to make contact with these spirits whom are invested in you, to find out if they truly want to help you grow in Love towards God instead of using you as fuel to fullfill their own addictions by masking the Truth, then ask them questions that challenges them to show you how far they are in the growth of Love according to God's Love and Truth instead of their own perspective of love and truth. 

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