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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  


God has given you free will. All evil on earth is the result of man and her free will. God does not create pain and suffering. Man himself does that. Fear of God is also unjustified, you don't have to fear the one who really loves you, unconditionally. Whom believes that God is vengeful and preferably only when it is towards someone other than yourself does not see that such a wish is just as harmful as the actions you accuse the other of.

A sin = missing the mark of perfection of Love. It is the presence of a will or desire in disharmony with God's Laws and Principles whether this will is acted upon or not. You are then out of harmony with Love. Sin is a creation of man and not God, this is a challenge to those who think that God is a punishing, jealous and angry God and with that has not understood God the entity.

Sin in sin effect = The sin within a sin. If you multiply two by two and the result is four and you multiply it by two again it is already 8. The first sin you commit is already horrible but the next one you do is even more horrible as the sin amplifies. First you start small with your first sin but when continued it becomes bigger with a heavier effect in the degredation of the soul. An example to see the sin in sin effect is for example with serial killers; they do not stop until they get caught and until it has amplified and until it cannot be denied no longer.

There are two types of sins; sins in omission and sins in commission.

A sin of omission is the failure to honor God's Principles. When we ignore love or truth. You know the truth about something but you say you don't know. In other words; you fail to tell the Truth when God requires you to tell the Truth. This is part of the Law of Compensation.

A sin in commission is the deliberate disobedience of God's Principles. So you are being deliberately unloving or untruthful. This is also part of the Law of Compensation. The bottom line is that not only are the traditional (seven) deadly sins just sins, but actually every particle of energy spent on incompleteness of Love is what constitutes a sin.

It comes down to that not only the traditional (seven
 deadly) sins are the only sins but actually every tiny bit of energy which is dedicated in the incompleteness of Love is seen as a sin. All sin are a choice, we need to reflecteren why we choose to sin in a certain way and which emotion motivated it. What was our sin and why did we do it.

If there is anything God dislikes it is our sin. You can feel this when you connect to God. God does not like our sin because it harms us and others around us. However, God does not need to punish as God's Laws and Principles already correct the sin automatically.


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