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New Age

New Age 

Helingen spirit influence
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New Age = Teaches how to intellectually jump from your current situation to Love. However, it is a false belief as it ignores the emotional baggage that needs to be experienced. When emotional baggage is experienced you automatically exist in a place of Love without trying, therefore the intellectual route is unneeded. New age teaches you to avoid your experiences (of emotions) to manufacture Love and carry anger towards religion.

Angel Cards= 
Tarot Cards = Detunement from passion and desire (our real self/ our true soul state of how God created us to be). Created by spirits in the 6th sphere.

Harm of speaking in 
Speaking in tongues = Being influenced by a spirit to speak the language it speaks. Mostly an overcloaking of a spirit in fairly low condition to feel connected to the earth and have power over people. The one being overcloaked get with the speaking in tongues approval of its audience to show they are full of spirituality while in fact they are full of a spirit influencing the person overcloaked.

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