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      A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD                  

Our other half

There is only one person who can really be your other half and that is the other half of your soul, which is also incarnated just like you in a physical and spiritual body. After splitting and before incarnation during the act of the earthly parents. Your soul consists the half of a complete soul, this make clear why we are in search of that one and only other being which is a part of you and you of him/her. Bisexuality is thus revealed to be a false belief.

Our other half is the highest connection in relationship next to our relationship with God and the only one for and with whom the sexual fusion and intimacy is developed. Hierarchically, the parents are above the child, so the child does not have a priority in rank, what unfortunately in this time is not honoured with emotional incest as a result. It may happen that one half of a soul dies early, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot find each other and connect with each other, even during the seperation during your time on earth.

Sexual attraction
We should not confuse sexual attraction with the soulmate attraction towards your other half. Attraction can come from emotional damage, wounds, to attract where you still have unfelt emotions of denial in the specific chakra points. When these unfelt emotions have demands, expectations, and emotional addictions, we attract the wrong person out of co-dependent sympathy/addictions, you get something in return emotionally for something you give on an emotional level. Give and take in the shape of a non physical contract but away from harmony of God's Love. As a result, we often see relationships that fail because they went along with attractions that fell outside the harmony of Love. We have the excuse that otherwise we would not have made 'growth', and that we had to 'learn' something from it, but those too are a false beliefs. If we had felt our emotional damage, our wounds, we would not have attracted the wrong situations.

When you settle for someone other than your other half for the fulfillment of any damaged emotion, you degrade not only your soul but also that of the other person you involve in your actions. In addition, you keep the other person away from his/her other half next to yourself wherein you do not need to forget the effects your behaviour has on your surroundings and what example you are portraying to be for others. These are all unloving actions and therefore a sin in God's Perspective and Laws.

Don't let yourself be misled with promiscuity to someone other than your other half, even if he/she no longer walks the earth. The soul lives on in the afterlife, where you can still find each other after breaking free of your emotional blockages. That is the root cause of attracting the 'wrong' person or not attracting anyone (yet)... First feel the associated emotions, without anyone else noticing or being drawn into them. In silence and with only yourself and preferably in Prayer with God to receive answers in harmony with Love.

You and your true other half are aware of each other's existence. The Law of Attraction brings us new opportunities every day to awaken and feel our emotions and the greatest Law of Attraction is between you and your other half. It is the magnet that shows you how far you have come in the growth of Love. So, we can attract our other half at any time, although you must have the right desire in accordance with God's Laws.

When you are in a state of Truth, desire and Love from God's Perspective, your other half cannot deny their attraction to you. The one you feel eternity in and not already an ending.

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